Grammy Lill’s Chicken Soup

My Grammy Lill was one of my favorite people in the world for all of my life. Born in 1913 or 1914,...

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What We Don’t See…(Part 1 of 1,000,000)

What we don’t see is all of the things that influence us from moment to moment. This is called part 1 of...

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“The Zone” or Just a Fantasy

Imagine a mystical state where everything just falls into place. You hear some version of bells or chimes, or even a perfect...

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In the Presence of a Master

Her eye sees things most of us can’t even imagine. But how? It didn’t even exist to me until she talked about...

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Doubt vs. Desire

            How many times each day do you doubt something? Is this number even possible to calculate? Do you always answer a...

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The Pressure Paradox

By Jenny R. Susser, Ph.D. Just the word can change how the body feels: Pressure. Now check your pulse. David Bowie and...

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2019: This May Or May Not Be My/Your Year…

Happy New Year and welcome to the day, the week, the month of “new.” New year, new gym memberships, new resolutions, new...

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Dreams vs. Goals

DREAMS vs. GOALS Jenny R. Susser, Ph.D. “Welcome to Hollywood, what’s your dream?” Who can name that movie? Pretty Woman, in case...

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Happy Holiday Energy!

Happy Holiday Energy! Happy Holidays! Whatever type of holiday you celebrate, I wish your celebration to be wonderful. Tired of hearing and...

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Decisions, Decisions

I think that the quality of our lives comes from the decisions we make. Bold statement, I know. Perhaps some luck is...

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