This is going to be a tough month.

This is going to be a tough month, I can feel it already. July 2018 was full of loss and pain and...

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Car Shopping & the Ill-Equipped

It is time for a new car…fortunately and unfortunately. Most people grunt in common misery when they hear this terrible news. Only...

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Hiding failure

12 – 15 minute read…but worth it. I have been failing…and hiding it. There, I said it. When I thought about writing...

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Driving as a personality inventory

When I was a senior in high school, I had my wisdom teeth out. They had come in fully, with room and...

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Are those my shoes? Some perspective on perspective.

Perspective is a funny thing. The older I get, the more that sentence means to me. Perspective can be like wrinkles on...

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How to start a meditation practice

There are a thousand roads to Rome and perhaps as many ways to think about meditation. After last week’s writing, people have...

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Surviving grief…with meditation

When I sat down to write this, my idea was more educational than anything. My experience in twenty-five years of meditation off...

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I’m at the end of my rope…

Taped to the front of the gray metal desk of my seventh-grade teacher, there was a poster of a kitten (why is...

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You should see a doctor for that…

Have you ever heard or even said that sentence? Regardless of which side of that suggestion you were on, I bet it...

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The Least Common Denominator

I’m going to tell you a story and I promise you will not like it. You won’t like one or more of...

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