Keep It Together, KIT, Keep It Together

“…And all of a sudden, I have a panic attack.” Unimaginable, even if it is not your first. Terrifying, whether in your...

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Help, I need somebody…

How do you know when someone is asking for help? Let me re-phrase that. How many ways do you think someone asks...

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Keep on, with the force don’t stop…

Can you have two opposing thoughts or feelings at the same time? Really think about it, can you like someone while disliking...

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I know, I know

One of the most precious events in a young life is learning something exciting. I remember watching my nephew learn how to...

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Busy doing nothing

People-watching is a favorite pastime and yesterday provided the perfect opportunity. I arrived an hour early for my flight and so the...

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Rushing Back

It makes me cry if I let myself think too much about it. It rushes back, like a flood. You would think...

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Excuse me…for these are my excuses

“Excuse me” is such common phrase that when was the last time anyone stopped to think about what it really means when...

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Extraordinarily Ordinary

We are obsessed with being number one. Nothing else matters it seems. Win or die. Losers suck. No one remembers second place....

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Striving to understand…me

Striving to understand human nature as a psychologist is like torture. You would think it would be the opposite, that constantly observing...

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Imagine it to be true

Do you see something in your mind when you think about it? This mind-bending question is at the core of the technique,...

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