Dr. Jenny R. Susser’s story on the Windfall Farm “Riding with Confidence Clinic”3/2/2013

IMG_6942 IMG_6901 IMG_6935 IMG_6962 IMG_6991Small but Mighty would have to be the theme for this clinic. There were the few souls who braved the cold temps to watch, listen, share, experience, and learn about Riding With Confidence at Windfall Farm in NJ a couple of weeks ago. Jennifer A. Allen’s farm is remarkable. The horses live like horses there so the health and happiness of every animal, dogs and cats and chickens included, is highly v

isible. Jennifer is an over-achiever in the best of ways. She loves to push and strive to get the best out of everything, herself included. That is how we met and cultivated a very powerful working relationship. Every time I do this clinic, it takes on a life of its own and is highly dependent upon the group and especially the trainer. It is not that one is better than another, it’s just that it’s always different and that always amazes me. Jennifer’s high intensity created a high intensity atmosphere which her students were already swimming in when I got there.

I love the learning process. As a “teacher” of this process, I have to stand in the future and lure people there. Being this stand can be challenging at times and there were a few this weekend that were so committed to change that I had to up my game to get them all the way through. This metamorphosis reminds us that process does not look anything like product. And that is hard for all of us, me included! It’s a great metaphor for riding and training, however, because while we want it all to look perfect all the time, that is not reality. When we can be patient enough to endure the struggle, when we get through to the other side, it is almost magical. And that is what this weekend was really like, magical. The trust this group put in me because of Jennifer’s passion for growth and change was tremendous. And the results we produced were also tremendous. I have gotten so many emails filled with fabulous goals from this group, the show season in NJ is going to be off the hook!

Thank you to Robert Zwaap for the beautiful images!

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